The Problem

Sales and marketing is a tricky business and getting harder by the year to get true customer engagement. When you've already sent seven emails to 'touch base', you know you're simply not connecting after hearing nothing back from your prospect. The struggle is real.

Here's Why Prospect Engagement Is Getting Harder to Accomplish


We are all exposed to a very large mass of digital content every single day. This has been estimated to grow by 45 to 60 percent every year. Here in the United States, the average person spends roughly 10 hours per day with their head in front of monitors, laptops, tablets, phones and other electronic devices.


Someone or something is always competing for our attention. To balance between family, work, life, studies, church, responsibilities and all things required of us, it is hammering on our attention and our focus. In fact the average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a study from Microsoft, people now generally lose concentration or focus after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitized lifestyle on the brain.


Our diminishing attention spans mean that to get the prospect's attention, we must be of importance to their needs at the moment a prospect recognizes that need. It's more than at the right place, at the right time... it's more about surfacing to the top when someone searches for and selects your particular content, advertisement, story, website or blog because your message resonated with their particular need of importance in solving their pain point or immediate desire to solve a problem they are experiencing.

How We Help You Reach and Attract Engagement

We have a unique way of discovering what your customers or clients are really after. We work to develop specific content and funnels to educate and engage your clientele.

Our proprietary 'they ask, you answer' techniques revolve around exactly what your customer is searching for. This approach is key to realizing what your prospect and/or customer is looking for about your business's products and services so they can zero in on trusting you to deliver their desired outcome.

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Our Values and Mission

Our Values

We value success by your success in what you're trying to achieve both online and offline. If you're after more sales and engagement (who isn't) and we drive more leads your way through precise engagement, then that is a success.

If while leading prospects with interesting and important content, they decide they can trust you and your content, tone and style, that is another small success on the way to making them a long term and valuable customer.  

These small steps and phases of nurturing along the way with important and relevant information to help you as a customer means success in our eyes which we highly value. 

Our Mission

We exist to bring more value to our customers' products and services through engagement, teaching and sharing your important vision to and with your core customers. Therefore our mission is to be your trusted adviser in this process.

We only consider this venture to be successful after careful review of these efforts. Then we work as a team to improve on these values by bringing even more value to our customers, metric by metric, until we reach each customer's goals.

We're not satisfied until we succeed in helping you reach these goals.

What Our Customers Say...


Pleasure to work with and great communication...

Bluewerx worked quickly to get us a new, mobile responsive website setup and ready to go. Happy with the professional look and feel of our new website and his support afterwards. When we have an online need, we look to bluewerx to get answers and solutions.

Colby DeCamp , Vice President

Zane has been taking great care of us for years.

My son and I own a successful chiropractic center. Zane has been taking great care of us for years. We would highly recommend his services, it is money well spent with a personalized touch you cannot find anywhere else.

We used to be with a larger non-focused web company. Zane took our old site and marketing to new levels in our local community and has provided us with consistent results for the past several years.

Dee Dillree , Chiropractor

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Our Journey

Many years ago in a far away galaxy, I started learning HTML and building websites before anyone really understood the value of a website at all. I was doing this because I had a vision that one day (okay, the year was 1996) the whole world would be online and need websites. As I learned these processes and techniques, the Internet changed quickly and I continually studied these trends for business and the impacts that the Internet would have on all businesses including brick and mortar companies that would need to extend their offline business sales and even some processes, online. 

In building websites and architecting online solutions, I began to see the real value of businesses being online to grow, streamline and offer as extensions of their current offerings... products and services in new and exciting ways.  E-commerce was now gaining serious momentum and customers were enjoying fast Internet connections with mobile devices. If your business did not have an online way of connecting with prospects, leads and customers, then the results could be devastating.

Then We Started

In 2013 we opened Bluewerx Marketing™. We began by building mobile responsive websites and content for our customers. This quickly evolved into marketing through social and other online channels. Today, we have evolved using technology and automated software processes to achieve a cohesive and automated approach from customer acquisition to high-end design projects for building valuable Internet businesses and other digital services.

Our core belief is still finding new and innovative ways to add value to bricks and mortar or service businesses in a constantly changing online world. Customers are becoming more challenged than ever to see and hear your message. That's where we like to play and zero in on how to engage customers and direct these attention-challenged people to your products and services. We want what you want and will work smart to help you reach your goals online. We're constantly improving and working with the latest proven strategies to achieve these for our customers.


The Year We Started


Websites Built


Marketing Campaigns


Digital Services


Client Research Hours

Meet the Boss

We have a whole team working behind the scenes to bring serious results for our customers. Zane Winberg leads that team on a daily basis to make sure that customer goals and expectations are not only being met, but hopefully exceeded.

When you read our journey above and scan over our values and mission... this is Zane's story and how he got started helping businesses get online and grow online.

Zane is a personable guy that's easy to talk to about whatever your online goals and ambitions are. Feel free to reach out and schedule a FREE consultation today, you just might learn that you can achieve what you're after and in a very affordable way.

Do You Have Questions?

Get in touch with us! I'm happy to answer your questions or even schedule a no pressure 15 minute discovery call about your online initiatives.