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We work with motivated businesses, who offer upsell products and are stuck on how to best market them.


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In just 45 minutes, learn the exact 3 steps you'll need to 50X your probability of doubling your revenue, increase sales density and slash advertising costs.

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What You’ll Learn

How to finally attain the lifestyle you're after from delivering your high ticket products and services to an audience that doesn't even know you exist, all while slashing your sales cost. — Yes, this is attainable.

  • How to finally solve complex sales problems through a specific selling process. 
  • How to apply this type of marketing process on auto pilot 24/7, 365 days a year, whether you're open or not.
  • Why this marketing process works in the first place, and how this little known solution is just now taking hold in the last year.
  • Why your product line is currently failing and what to do about it beginning today.
  • Why throwing money at advertising WITHOUT this sales process ALREADY in place, is a complete waste of most ad budgets.
  • How you can finally turn the corner on HOW to sell your high end ticket offers. 

They Say

What They Say

Been taking care of us for years...

We used to be with a larger non-focused web company. Zane took our old site and marketing to new levels in our local community and has provided us with consistent results for the past several years.

DEE DILLREE - CHiropractor

Bluewerx worked quickly to get us a new, mobile responsive website setup and ready to go. Happy with the professional look and feel of our new website and his support afterwards. When we have an online need, we look to bluewerx to get answers and solutions.


My son and I own a successful chiropractic center. Zane has been taking great care of us for years. We would highly recommend his services, it is money well spent with a personalized touch you cannot find anywhere else.


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